Live at the Kent Stage

I just posted a song from our show at the Kent Stage in February of 2014 on Apple Music’s Artist Connect thing. As much as I like having all of our stuff in Apple’s beautiful walled garden, I wanted to share the show with all of our fans. So below please enjoy the live set, and feel free to download… Read more →

Baby Teeth: Part Two

I didn’t meey my wife until I was 24. We didn’t grow up together, but we did grow up very close to each other and had many similar experiences. I always imagined the narrator in this song to be a very young version of myself, 5-7 years old, talking to a similarly young version of her. I love the ability… Read more →

Baby Teeth: Part One

Baby teeth was originally a three song online single I released solo shortly after returning from LA. I had to remove it shortly after, and the idea never really got it’s day. Since then I’ve written several more songs that fit the motif. While trying to develop new songs with The Singular I was trying very hard to make the… Read more →